[ewg] OFED bugs and 1.5.1 GA release

Tziporet Koren tziporet at mellanox.co.il
Mon Mar 15 15:24:30 PDT 2010

Hi Vu, Steve, Jeff, Tom

These are the last major bugs open for 1.5.1 
Please reply me if these are really high and when do you expect to have the fix
I wish to have 1.5.1 GA release this week if possible

1964  blo  	swise at opengridcomputing.com  	cxgb3 fails openmpi branding
1961 	cri 	tom at opengridcomputing.com 	[OFED-1.5.1- NFSoverRDMA] - System hits kernel panic whil...
1976 	maj 	jsquyres at cisco.com 		errors running IMB over openmpi-1.4.1
1922 	maj 	tom at opengridcomputing.com 	Errors during stress on NFSoRDMA
1979 	maj 	tom at opengridcomputing.com 	2 different mounted directories appear to be the same one
1980 	maj 	tom at opengridcomputing.com 	failure after nfs stop on NFSoRDMA target
1981 	maj 	tom at opengridcomputing.com 	openibd hangs upon restart with mounted NFSoRDMA volume
1978 	maj 	vu at mellanox.com 			Kernel Panic when unloading ib_srp

Also -  Tom - do you expect NFS-RDMA to be a GA this week, or should we say it's in beta and continue improve it for next 1.5.2 release?


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