[openfabrics-ewg] Re: Minor issues with resource tracking test

Dotan Barak dotanb at mellanox.co.il
Sun Jun 4 06:49:22 PDT 2006


sorry for the long delay, i was OOO for a few days.

On Monday 29 May 2006 08:07, Sharma, Karun wrote:
> Hi Dotan:
> Thanks for your responses.
> I am aware that we support [0..5] as MR TYPE. My point was that as we are generating an error when we execute with "-m 6" , we should also generate an error when we specify -m to any alphabet eg. "-m a". At present, "-m a" doesn't give any error and execute the test with default option for -m.

I checked this issue: for parsing the number that the user give us as a parameter for the memory type we are using strtoul.
if one give to strtoul a non numeric value (for example 'T') this function return the value 0 (which is a valid memory type).

because 0 is a valid value, we can't understand that the input string wasn't a number (but anyway, we are using a valid value: 0).

when the test starts you can look at the test parameters and see that the memroy type is 0 and not 'T'.

I think that this is good enough, and there isn't any point in trying to see that the input string is a valid string number.


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