[openfabrics-ewg] OFED RC6 - status and AIs

Tziporet Koren tziporet at mellanox.co.il
Mon Jun 5 07:57:10 PDT 2006

Hi All,


I wish to remind all that this from this RC components are in code
freeze (meaning only showstopper bugs check-in is allowed).

Rc6 target date is tomorrow June-6.


This is the status of OFED 1.0-rc6:

We took code from git and trunk today.

Git version: d9ec5ad24ce80b7ef69a0717363db661d13aada5

SVN version: 7676

User space code: https://openib.org/svn/gen2/branches/1.0/src/userspace

Kernel modules from svn:
(to here the trunk was copied)


Components status 

1.	mthca - from git - ready
2.	ipath - from git - no backport pathces exists - must be fixed
today - this is the major showstopper for RC6.
3.	IPoIB - from git - ready
4.	OpenSM - from user level - ready
5.	OSU MPI - from Mellanox tarball - ready
6.	Open MPI - From Cisco SRPM - going to be replaced today by Jeff
(Cisco) to 1.1b1
7.	SRP - from trunk - ready 
8.	iSER - from trunk - last update done today by Moni (Voltaire)
requires small install changes - will be done tomorrow
9.	SDP - from trunk - regression at Mellanox passed; (not fully
10.	RDS - from trunk - Ranjit (SilverStorm) please approve it is
11.	ib diagnostic tools - from trunk - ready
12.	ibdiag utilities - from branch - ready
13.	uDAPl - from branch - ready
14.	Build & install scripts - will be ready tomorrow


Vlad is going to publish OFED-1.0-RC6-pre2 on the releases directory to
help all run tests on the new package.



I wish to remind all owners to send me release notes for their
components (thanks to James who already sent RN for uDAPL).


Lets review status also in the meeting today.


Tziporet Koren

Software Director

Mellanox Technologies

mailto: tziporet at mellanox.co.il
Tel +972-4-9097200, ext 380


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