[openfabrics-ewg] OFED RC6 - status and AIs

Tziporet Koren tziporet at mellanox.co.il
Mon Jun 5 09:52:08 PDT 2006

libsdp was a show stopper since the previous libsdp could not run Java
applications and any application (like Apache web server) that use IPv6.

Eitan Zahavi sent an RFC to OpenFabrics mailing list and got no
objection for the changes.

Regarding performance:
We will test performance of the basic verbs using the official
performance tests that come with the release. If we see any issue there
we will fix it.
If the basic verbs performance is good then the changes to the
performance is something in the upper MPI used.

The new SDP implementation is mainly focused on stability and
correctness and not performance. We will do a simple analysis and if we
will find things we can easily fix we will do it. However major
performance improvements will be done in the next release.


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> I wish to remind all that this from this RC components are in code
freeze (meaning only 
> showstopper bugs check-in is allowed).

I see lots of code movement in libsdp after RC5, was this really a
showstopper bug?  I think it would useful if major changes like this
were logged as bugs in bugzilla.

I would also like to see the MPI and SDP performance dropoffs fixed
before FCS, for RC6 if possible (I'll be opening bugs).
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