[openfabrics-ewg] Cisco OFED Testing

Pramod Srivatsa (psrivats) psrivats at cisco.com
Mon Jun 5 17:07:43 PDT 2006

I believe there was a request for the testing that Cisco is performing
with OFED. The below is some information that Scott has put together.
The largest cluster we are testing with is 32 nodes. 
We are testing 5 SDR HCA types (not DDR yet), roughly in this order:

	Lion Mini
	Lion Cub
	Cougar Cub

We are testing RHEL4 U3 on 4 hardware architectures, each with 2
kernels, roughly in this order:

	x86_64 (smp and largesmp kernels)
	i686 (smp and hugemem kernels)
*	ia64 (smp and largesmp) 
*	ppc64 (smp and largesmp)

We are testing 6 ULPs, testing functionality, performance, and stress,
roughly in this order (performance tests listed in parens):

	MPI (MVAPICH, Open MPI, Intel MPI, HP MPI) (OSU benchmark,
Pallas, NAS)
	IPoIB (netperf, Polygraph)
	SDP (netperf, Polygraph)
	SRP (dt)
	uDAPL (OSU MPI benchmark)
	RDS (netperf)

We are only testing RHEL4 U3, when SLES 10 comes out this is going to
double the testing.  We are NOT testing Fedora Core, we tried but it is
too unstable.
Pramod Srivatsa
Product Manager, SVBU
M: 408.203.6543
E: pramod.srivatsa at cisco.com <mailto:pramod.srivatsa at cisco.com> 
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