[openfabrics-ewg] Test results so far from Silverstorm for OFED 1.0 RC6

Aviram Gutman aviram at mellanox.co.il
Thu Jun 8 07:46:15 PDT 2006

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Subject: [openfabrics-ewg] Test results so far from Silverstorm for OFED
1.0 RC6

Silverstorm has tested IPoIB, and SDP on FC4, RHEL4 up2 and SUSE 10
1. IP addresses of IB interfaces are not getting properly configured by
install script. Opened a bug # 120. However, the same install script
works fine on SUSE10 machine.
[Aviram] Please work with Vlad on it. I understand he didn't reproduce
2. SDP performance for small packets is poor as compared to IPoIB

This is Naggle algorithm we have it in IPoIB but not in SDP.[Aviram]  We
plan to do for July OFED 1.1. release.

 3. Somehow, performance on SUSE10 servers is better than other servers.
4. Multiple SDP connections is still an open issue ( bug # 98). On RHEL4
up2 and SUSE10, more than 300 connections are giving error whereas on
FC4 machines, 1000 connections are working fine.
Attached are detailed results.
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