[openfabrics-ewg] Cisco SQA results so far for OFED 1.0 rc6

Scott Weitzenkamp (sweitzen) sweitzen at cisco.com
Fri Jun 9 13:27:59 PDT 2006

I've enclosed spreadsheets for both overall test progress and MPI
Here's the list of bugs I think must be fixed for the next build.

*	74: OFED 1.0 rc4: Open MPI Pallas test hangs 
*	81: OFED 1.0 rc4: MVAPICH max throughput on Mellanox HCAs is bad
(or at least explain why 2K MTU is better)
*	109: OFED 1.0 rc5: SDP can't sustain 800 concurrent SDP
*	111: OFED 1.0: README.txt suggestions
*	121: OFED 1.0 rc6: MVAPICH won't compile with Intel C on RHEL4

To summarize testing, we've done some functional testing and performance
testing of IPoIB/SDP/MPI/SRP on RHEL4 U3 i686/x86_64/ia64.  No ppc64 or
RDS testing yet.  Stress testing will occur over the weekend.  Some
positive highlights:

*	All testing done with Mellanox HCAs, Cisco chassis, and Cisco IB
Subnet Manager.
*	MVAPICH, Open MPI, Intel MP, and HP MPI are all functional.  HP
MPI started working with rc5.
*	SRP is working with Cisco Fibre Channel gateway (using a patch
from Roland for ibsrpdm).
*	IPoIB is working with Cisco Ethernet gateway (testing started
with rc4).
*	SDP now works on Cheetah HCA (one port x8 PCI-E memfree HCA) as
of rc5.

See attached spreadsheets for more details.
Scott Weitzenkamp
SQA and Release Manager
Server Virtualization Business Unit
Cisco Systems
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