[openfabrics-ewg] Mellanox SQA status for OFED 1.0

Amit Krig amitk at mellanox.co.il
Thu Jun 15 05:50:31 PDT 2006

 Hi All,

In the attached file you will find Mellanox tests status running on the specified OS/Kernel/Arch/Boards matrix (also can be found in the xls file)
Please note that each fail includes a comment

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I've enclosed spreadsheets for both overall test progress and MPI performance.
We've been able to expand test coverage on ia64 and ppc64, and close many bugs.
We unfortunately have not been able to get MVAPICH or Open MPI working on ppc64, does anyone else have them working?
The following bugs have been opened or reopened:

*	80: OFED 1.0 rc4: Open MPI fails on RHEL4 U3 ppc64
*	24: netperf TCP_RR using SDP can fail
*	135: OFED 1.0: MVAPICH doesn't work on RHEL4 U3 ppc64
*	136: OFED 1.0: Open MPI latency high (31 usec) on IA64
*	137: OFED 1.0 rc5: new SDP does not work with Cisco SDP or old OFED SDP

See attached spreadsheets for more details.
Scott Weitzenkamp
SQA and Release Manager
Server Virtualization Business Unit
Cisco Systems
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