[openfabrics-ewg] Stopping Infiniband kernel modules from loading at system boot

Don.Albert at Bull.com Don.Albert at Bull.com
Fri Jun 23 10:14:31 PDT 2006

Short of uninstalling the OFED-1.0 release,  how can I stop the Infiniband 
related kernel modules from loading at system boot? 

I am trying to debug a problem with programs hanging in the kernel,  so I 
thought that I would try manually loading the modules one at a time to see 
if I could isolate the problem.  This is on a RHEL4 U3 system with the 
2.6.16 kernel and the OFED-1.0 release installed.

 I used "/sbin/chkconfig" to turn off the  "openibd" and "opensmd" 
services in the /etc/rc.d/ runlevel files.  I even removed "ifcfg-ib0" and 
"ifcfg-ib1" from the /etc/sysconfig/networking-scripts directory.  I don't 
see any other scripts that would cause these modules to be loaded.   But 
every time I reboot, I get the following modules loaded, according to 

ib_mthca              117424  0
ib_mad                 35896  1 ib_mthca
ib_core                45952  2 ib_mthca,ib_mad

What have I missed?

        -Don Albert-
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