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Jeff Squyres jsquyres at cisco.com
Mon Nov 6 05:18:26 PST 2006

Still not right.

Working Lunch brought in – OFED 1.x feature road map/discussion –
Tziporet Koren

OFST 2.0 Development and OFED 1.x Processes for Coordination, Bug  
Fixes, Testing etc.
--> Should be: OFED Processes for coordination, bug fixes, testing,  
etc.  No reference to version numbers.
Tziporet Koren, Bob Woodruff
--> Should be Jeff

OFST/OFED 2.0 Resources, Features, Timelines and Processes
--> This is not what Bob originally pitched this session to be.  I  
think you need to ask him what he wants the session title to be and  
the content to be about.
Bob Woodruff, Jeff Squyres
--> Should be Bob

On Nov 5, 2006, at 11:51 PM, Bill Boas wrote:

> Aviram, Tziporet and Jeff,
> Again I must apologize to you all that I failed to replace Jeff with
> Tziporet in the last word document that I sent to Jeff and then he
> forwarded.
> Please review the attached word document to see if it now matches  
> what you
> were expecting.
> Also notice a new acronym that seems necessary to distinguish  
> between the 2
> software stacks that we are dealing with in the Linux environment  
> (so far).
> I had used OFSS to denote the trunk but on reviewing today the  
> process of
> software stack approval it became clear that we can not identify one
> particular stack as the OpenFabrics software stack (i.e. the  
> acronym would
> be OFSS) - we must distinguish between the trunk and the OFED  
> branch so I
> have changed the suggested acronym to OFST - T being trunk.
> Actually to be mor specific we should also distinguish between the  
> operating
> system environments -  so we should probably adopt OFST-L, OFST-W  
> (once it
> is approved by the Board), and OFED-L and OFED-W (once it is  
> approved by the
> Board also).
> This topic of names and acronyms for the several different OpenFabrics
> Software Stacks that we are going to have to deal with as time goes by
> should be extensively discussed, understood and agreed to at the  
> Developer
> summit.
> I did not ask Michael lee to update the web site at the end of last  
> week
> because I knew after talking with Jeff that we would all talk again  
> tomorrow
> morning (PST) after the Board meeting.
> After we talk on our Developer Summit concall we will ask Michael  
> Lee to
> update the web site version. OK?
> Bill.
> Bill Boas
> VP, Business Development | System Fabric Works
> bboas at systemfabricworks.com | 510-375-8840
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> Jeff Squyres wrote:
>> On Nov 5, 2006, at 7:44 AM, Tziporet Koren wrote:
>>>> 4. Attached is the latest version of the agenda, which encompasses
>>>> all the changes from the EWG list, the wiki, and some external
>>>> conversations that Bill had with others.  *** EVERYONE PLEASE
>>> Testing section is still missing
>> I think it's at 11:45am on Friday.  Although I wonder if 30 minutes
>> is enough...
>>> My name is missing from the release session on Friday
>> It is rather amazing that so many mails have gone around about this
>> and it still isn't fixed.  :-)  (I did not review the agenda before I
>> sent it out -- my bad)
>>>> 5. A conference call Monday, Nov 6, at 10:30am US Pacific time is
>>>> proposed to make a final final final version of the agenda (to
>>>> avoid conflict from the OFA board meeting 9-10:30am).  *** PLEASE
>>>> instead of the normal OFED bi-weekly teleconference.
>>> OK with me (11am will be even better)
>> Either of these times is fine with me (10:30 or 11).
>> Anyone else?
> I am OK with Monday 10:30am PST.
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