[openfabrics-ewg] Updated Developer Summit Agenda at SC06 Nov 16, 17 -please register if you haven't yet

Bill Boas bboas at systemfabricworks.com
Tue Nov 7 09:05:42 PST 2006

All attendees and those considering attending,

To attend you must register at

So we can make you a badge if you need one, ensure there's space and cater
food for you! Those attending make sure you've told us your food preferences
and badge you have for SC or that we need to get you a badge.

This current version of the agenda is for posting at www.openfabrics.org

More changes made - 

- removed Microsoft session till they confirm their attendance (currently we
are not sure if they are)
- replaced MS with session requested by IBM - GPFS requirements from
OpenFabrics (this is an opportunity to leran abouts IBM's needs and plans
for offering GPFS with OpenFabrics support)
- clarified timing of sessions, fixed a few more names
- inserted Or Gerlitz to cover iSER on Friday morning, OK, Or?

Note I expect we will still see changes but we will post this version today
(Jeff feel free to put it in the developers wiki if you want).

More changes that occur this week, let's accumulate over the weekend and if
necessary, update the web site again Monday morning

Bill Boas
VP, Business Development | System Fabric Works
bboas at systemfabricworks.com | 510-375-8840

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Well, I'm glad we're reduced to sending around multiple versions of  
word documents and manually merging them rather than using the  
wiki...  ;-)

Here's my notes from the call today.  I enabled "track changes" so  
all my changes are easily visible.  I didn't get everything; I think  
Woody and/or Tziporet have some notes, especially for the Friday  
afternoon's stuff.

My changes:

- Eliminated some dead space from the top
- Updated the version number (it was very out of date) to match the  
- Marked Windows session pending participation from MS
- Broke out 18:30-19:15 session into individual sub-sessions per  
similar sessions on Friday morning.  >>> This all still easily fits  
on 2 pages <<<
- A few name changes on Friday

Jeff Squyres
Server Virtualization Business Unit
Cisco Systems

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