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link: https://openib.org/tiki/tiki-index.php?page=OFED+release+procedure


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Hi All,

Following the OFA summit at SC06 I placed the minutes from the OFED 1.2
plans on the Wiki page:


I wish to remind the release milestones & schedule:


*        Release: Apr 18 07

*        2nd RC: Apr 2 07

*        1st RC: Mar 21 07

*        Beta: Feb 28 07

*        Alpha / feature freeze: Jan 31 07

*        Feature list agreed: Dec 4 07 (Jeff will send meeting info)


Each owner should send the effort estimation for the new features to the
entire list by Dec-1

In the meeting we will agree upon the features that will be in OFED 1.2



There are several issues raised in the meeting and I will add them to
the Wiki too. 

However we will discuss these issues in subsequent meetings and not on




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