[openfabrics-ewg] Issues regarding release process that were raised in OFED 1.2 plans review

Tziporet Koren tziporet at dev.mellanox.co.il
Wed Nov 22 05:58:40 PST 2006

These are the issues we captured during the OFED 1.2 plans review.
Some of them were closed in the meeting and the rest will be discussed 
in the future EWG meetings.


   1. How do we issue 1.1.x release?
          * What is the criteria
          * How is release managed and QAed
   2. How frequent are 1.x releases
          * According to current release schedule template it seems
            twice a year, but no decision was taken
   3. What is the process for planning features for next 3-4 future releases
   4. Features:
          * There was a concern regarding SA cache implementation - Or
            should take this with Sean on the general list
   5. OFED 1.2 should be compatible with  OFED 1.1 and OFED 1.0
   6. Suggestion was to have releases of kernel components that are not
      part of kernel (e.g. SDP)
   7. How do we get bonding support, that Or just implemented and sent
      to netdev:
          * via distributions - Mois from Novell and Doug from Redhat
            should take this patch and drive it to SLES and RHEL.
          * We wish to ovoid kernel recompile
          * link aggregation is needed for GPFS
   8. NFS over RDMA support:
          * What is the target for it to be included
          * What is required from the kernel
   9. Do we include runtime binaries for various MPI?
          * The decision was not to include binaries in the package.
  10. How do we reduce number of kernel/distros we support?
          * Decided to focus only on enterprise distro
          * SLES9 will be supported in OFED 1.2 but will not be
            supported in successive releases.
  11. How long a Beta is required? Who facilitate customer testing
          * For this release we have 3 weeks of Alpha and 4 weeks of Beta
          * Asaf from Voltaire is responsible for EWG customer's
            relations and should drive this
          * In addition each company should drive Beta customers

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