[openfabrics-ewg] open-iscsi update for OFED 1.2

Michael S. Tsirkin mst at mellanox.co.il
Sun Nov 26 07:09:54 PST 2006

> Quoting r. Erez Zilber <erezz at voltaire.com>:
> Subject: Re: open-iscsi update for OFED 1.2
> Michael S. Tsirkin wrote:
> >>>> Quoting r. Erez Zilber <erezz at voltaire.com>:
> >>>>         
> >> We propose the following solution:
> >>
> >>     * open-iscsi + iSER will be installed by default.
> >>     * if open-iscsi (userspace code) with version < our open-iscsi
> >>       version is installed, the installation will fail and the user will
> >>       be prompted. The user can decide not to install iSER or uninstall
> >>       his old open-iscsi package. Then, he can rerun the installation.
> >>     
> >
> > Can open-iscsi be installed as out of kernel module?
> > Patching kernel sources as part of OFED install is really painful.
> >
> >   
> Yes. We already have RPMs that do that. We compile open-iscsi out of
> tree. Our only problem is that because it uses header files from
> /usr/src/linux/include/scsi/, we need to replace the old h files with
> the new h files for the compilation time (and then restore the old
> files). I guess that there might be a better way to do that (without
> having to replace the h files in the kernel tree). Do you know how?

Sure. Ofed backports do this all the time.
You just add your own directory first under LINUXINCLUDE=.

More than this - since ofed really starts from kernel.org kernel,
just give us the list of files and ofed scripts will check that
out and build. You'll have to backport open-iscsi to distro kernels though.

> We plan to install 3 packages:
>    1. open-iscsi - similar to the current open-iscsi package (contains
>       config files and userspace programs).
>    2. open-iscsi-kernel - kernel modules
>    3. open-iscsi-devel - h files. We install it only if the kernel
>       source code exists. This is necessary if you want to develop for
>       open-iscsi.

So I think what you'll want is really just an extra open-iscsi package,
and kernel and devel will be part of the ofed kernel package.


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