[openfabrics-ewg] [PATCH] OFED 1.2 is broken on SLES 10 sp1 beta 2

Preggna S spreggna at novell.com
Thu Feb 8 04:19:13 PST 2007


> I guess that this fix is ok for SLES 10 sp1. However, now it will fail on 
> the original SLES 10 kernel (that does not have netif_tx_lock and 
> netif_tx_unlock). Am I right? 

You are right. Looks like we need to have another backport folder for 2.6.16_sles10_sp1.
> Anyway, it is still broken (now in cma.c):

Sorry, yesterday I was not able to complete the entire build, before I could send in the patch. This required another patch for the linux/skbuff.h of the kernel_backport folder and I have just sent that patch.

This time I tried the "Basic (InfiniBand modules and basic user level libraries)" set of rpms and have all the rpms generated.

thanks & regards,

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