[openfabrics-ewg] new OFED 1.2 package

Tziporet Koren tziporet at mellanox.co.il
Tue Feb 13 12:11:49 PST 2007

Vladimir Sokolovsky wrote:
> New OFED package was uploaded to the OFA server:
> http://www.openfabrics.org/~vlad/builds/ofed-1.2/OFED-1.2-20070213-1646.tgz
> Known issues:
> mvapich2 RPM build fails (will be fixed in alpha1).	
> sdpnetstat compilation fails in RHEL5
Hi All,

This is the pre-alpha package for your testing.
Please send us feedback today so we can build the first alpha OFED tomorrow.
If any show-stopper issue for the alpha is found please let us know.

Note that components compilation is blocked on kernels that they do not 


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