[openfabrics-ewg] 32-bit build for ppc64 is required

Hoang-Nam Nguyen HNGUYEN at de.ibm.com
Wed Feb 14 09:02:38 PST 2007

Hi Vlad,
> prefix/lib (32bit libraries) should be created on ppc64 as well.
> Check that you have sysfsutils 32bit RPM installed.
> I don't have ppc64 here to check.
The current ofed-1.2 package does not, while ofed-1.1.1 has done.
It looks like that the one fix we did for ofed-1.1.1 were away.
If I remember right, the issue was that 64bit libs were created
first, then copied as backup. Next 32bit libs were created and
64bit libs copied back to the same place of 32bit libs, ie.
overwrote the 32bit libs.
Haven't checked the build script/openib.spec yet...

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