[openfabrics-ewg] 32-bit build for ppc64 is required

Michael S. Tsirkin mst at mellanox.co.il
Wed Feb 14 09:39:27 PST 2007

> > Still, using non-standard hacks like bin32 does not sound like a good idea.
> I think the actual issue is there is no common approach for this on various
> platforms.

On platforms I've seen, there are 2 sets of libraries but only 64 bit executables

This is what we had for OFED 1.0, OFED 1.1, and I don't see
the reason to change that - adding more executables to install on
production systems will double QA work.

> > Maybe an option to *only* make 32 bit userspace might make sense though.
> > Something like --disable-32bit, --disable-64bit.
> > This would solve your problem, would it not?
> Does that mean if I don't specify one of them, I'll get 32- and 64bit
> execs?
> If yes, that's fine.

No, by default we build 2 sets of libraries, and only 64 bit execs.

But for your development purposes (I think you mentioned testing user/kernel
context switch) I think we could have --disable-32bit flag to configure to get
only 32 bit userspace.


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