[openfabrics-ewg] Issue with VNIC installation in OFED 1.2 alpha1

Ramachandra Kuchimanchi ramachandra.kuchimanchi at qlogic.com
Thu Feb 15 03:28:52 PST 2007

Hi Vlad,
I just took a look at OFED 1.2 alpha1 and VNIC does not show up in the installation menu options
on RHEL4 UP4. I guess this is because in build_env.sh, VNIC seems to be enabled only
for 2.6.19. But VNIC is supported on the following distros too:
1. RHEL 4  Update 4
2. RHEL 4  Update 3
3. SLES 10
Can you please modify the install procedure so that VNIC shows up in the installation menu
and both the VNIC kernel driver and the qlvnictools user mode tools get installed on these
distros too ?
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