[ewg] Re: [openib-general] OFED-1.2-20070221-1741.tgz package is available

Vladimir Sokolovsky vlad at dev.mellanox.co.il
Thu Feb 22 08:13:28 PST 2007

On Wed, 2007-02-21 at 16:40 -0600, Tom Tucker wrote:
> > Bug: 355 (problems building modules that depend on OFED 1.2 modules)
> > 
> > In order to build kernel modules depending on OFED's modules you need to
> > take Modules.symvers file from <prefix>/src/openib/Modules.symvers (part
> > of kernel-ib-devel RPM) and copy this to modules subdir and then compile
> > your module.
> Won't this blow away all the version information for the non-IB symbols?

See Documentation/kbuild/modules.txt (under kernel sources):

--- 7.3 Symbols from another external module
        Use an extra Module.symvers file
                When an external module is built, a Module.symvers file is
                generated containing all exported symbols which are not
                defined in the kernel.
                To get access to symbols from module 'bar', one can copy the
                Module.symvers file from the compilation of the 'bar' module
                to the directory where the 'foo' module is built.
                During the module build, kbuild will read the Module.symvers
                file in the directory of the external module and when the
                build is finished, a new Module.symvers file is created
                containing the sum of all symbols defined and not part of the

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