[ewg] bugs filed for OFED 1.2 alpha1 MPI compiler support

Scott Weitzenkamp (sweitzen) sweitzen at cisco.com
Sun Feb 25 23:37:36 PST 2007

Please fix these bugs for beta.  
I've compiled for RHEL4 and SLES10 on x86_64, i686, ia64, and ppc64.  I
compiled all MPIs with GNU, Intel, and PGI compilers, and tried
compiling and running C, C++, Fortran 77, and Fortran 90 programs with
each combo.

*	370     OFED 1.2 alpha1 MVAPICH does not have Intel Fortran
*	372     MVAPICH2 GNU mpif90 uses PGI not GNU compiler
*	373     MVAPICH2 Intel mpif90 does not include -rpath like
mpif77 does
*	374     MVAPICH2 PGI mpif90 link failure: undefined reference
*	375     Open MPI PGI C++ failure at runtime

Scott Weitzenkamp
SQA and Release Manager
Server Virtualization Business Unit
Cisco Systems
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