[ewg] OFED release testing Task force meeting minutes

Nimrod Gindi nimrodg at mellanox.com
Mon Feb 26 17:02:09 PST 2007

Meeting took place on Wednesday - Feb. 21st, 2007    8:30AM (PST)



1. Review combined report summary (as sent from Nimrod G.- Mellanox) and
vote for approval

2. Next steps

3. Open discussion


Attending companies: Qlogic, Mellanox, NetEffect, Voltaire,


Discussion Items and Action Items:

1.	Reviewed the new report structure
2.	Spread sheet was voted and agreed upon with 2 minor changes to
make it rev 2

	a.	AI 1: Nimrod G. - move all items from sheet 3 to sheet 2
in the drop down format and remove sheet 3
	b.	AI 2: Nimrod G. - Add RHEL4 up4 and up3 to the supported
section per latest decisions of ewg.

3.	Next agreed steps:

	a.	Start using the spread sheet towards later Alpha build
of OFED 1.2 to assist with visibility into testing done by members
	b.	Adding tests from member companies to shared OFED

AI 3: Amit K. - send out a pointer to tests which are already posted by
Mellanox in OFED.

	c.	Start considering ULP owners under the following
understanding of responsibilities:

ULP owner will be in charge of approving entering tests of the ULP to
enter the list/repository

ULP owner to flag the task force in case in which the ULP under his
responsibility is falling behind on testing in the community.


Follow-up meeting will be scheduled for 7th-March 2007 8:30am
PDT=11:30am EDT=6:30pm Israel.


Nimrod  Gindi

Mellanox Technologies Ltd.

mail  :  nimrodg at mellanox.com

Cell  :  +1-408-750-4801

Office:  +1-347-342-0011

Fax   :  +1-212-987-0275



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