[ewg] OFED 1.2 Feb-26 meeting summary

Tziporet Koren tziporet at mellanox.co.il
Wed Feb 28 06:10:02 PST 2007

The meeting summary is also available on the Wiki:

  This is the OFED 1.2 Feb-26 meeting summary on alpha status:

    Abbreviated minutes / summary:

    * We will not build any alpha2 package. Anyone can use the full
      packages that Vlad provides.
    * The cut date for Beta changes is end of this week (Saturday Mar-3)
    * Next milestone is the Beta release - on March-7
    * Each maintainer should fix the bugs assigned to him in bugzilla
    * Documents will stay in the same way as in OFED 1.1 (one directory
      with all docs)
    * Improved RPM usage by the install will not be part of OFED 1.2

    Action Items:

   1. Daily build of full OFED package - Vlad
   2. Fix bugs sent by Scott for the beta - all
   3. Send list of bugs that must be fixed for the beta - Tziporet
   4. Schedule a developers session on OFA developers at Sonoma - Tziporet
   5. Fix ipath driver compilation issues - Bryan
   6. Support MPI selection by MVAPICH2 - Shaun

    Detailed Minutes:

    * RPM and install: The RPM are build today in a non-standard way.
          o We are not going to do any change for OFED 1.2 since it will
            delay the release significantly.
          o The RPM usage will be enhanced for the next (1.3) release
            and we will decide on the correct way in Sonoma.
    * MPI selection:
          o Implemented by Open MPI and MVAPICH
          o Need a support from MVAPICH2
          o Jeff will publish usage to the full list after MVAPICH
            package will support it.
          o Scott said Cisco will test it


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