[ewg] OFED 1.2 alpha 1 test Report

Scott Weitzenkamp (sweitzen) sweitzen at cisco.com
Wed Feb 28 16:15:28 PST 2007

Interesting, I see no difference, can you share the command-line you are
using the measure this?  What server and HCA type are you using?


	From: Trishal Choudhari [mailto:trishal.choudhari at qlogic.com] 
	Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2007 9:34 PM
	To: Scott Weitzenkamp (sweitzen); Openfabrics-ewg at openib.org
	Subject: RE: [ewg] OFED 1.2 alpha 1 test Report
	IPoIB and SDP performance is improved.
	1. Significant improvement in seen for small packet sizes.
	2.Marginal improvement is seen for default and large packet
sizes ( Netperf).
	We didn't test MPI.


	From: Scott Weitzenkamp (sweitzen) [mailto:sweitzen at cisco.com]
	Sent: Thu 2/22/2007 12:55 AM
	To: Trishal Choudhari; Openfabrics-ewg at openib.org
	Subject: RE: [ewg] OFED 1.2 alpha 1 test Report
	Which perfomance is improved?   verbs?  IPoIB?  SDP?  MPI?


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		Subject: [ewg] OFED 1.2 alpha 1 test Report
		Qlogic team has completed testing of OFED 1.2 alpha 1 on
the following hosts
		1.RHEL4 UP4 - 64 bit
		2.SLES10 -64 bit
		the main observations are
		1. Performance on RHEL4 is found improved to a great
extent than OFED 1.1
		2.Performance on SLES10 is found too low compared to
that of RHEL4.
3."ibv_uc_pingpong","ibv_ud_pingpong" tests are failing for RHEL 4 up4
and  "ibv_send bandwidth" test is failing for RHEL4 UP4 and SLES10





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