[ewg] OFED meeting agenda for today (Aug 11, 2008)

Tziporet Koren tziporet at mellanox.co.il
Mon Aug 11 08:49:03 PDT 2008

This is the agenda for OFED meeting today (Aug 11, 2008) on OFED 1.4
beta readiness

1. OFED 1.4 status:
   OFED daily build is now based on kernel 2.6.27-rc1. 
   We still miss backports for iSER thus its disabled from OFED now
   NFS/RDMA - no backport for distros yet
   SRPT - does not compile on 2.6.27-rc1
2. Beta release:
   - Decide what must be completed for the beta 
   - The beta date

3. Testing description: 
   I got descriptions from Voltaire, Intel and Mellanox
   All companies are requested to submit 

4. Open discussion 


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