[ewg] STOP the onslaught of EWG spam - disallowing non member posts

Or Gerlitz ogerlitz at voltaire.com
Mon Aug 18 22:45:04 PDT 2008

Jeff Squyres wrote:
> The EWG list has gotten spam bombed over the last few hours.  I lost 
> count at 500+ spams in my inbox. I therefore logged into 
> openfabrics.org and changed the site-wide password for Mailman (I have 
> notified Jeff Becker of the new password).  I then changed the EWG 
> list to silently discard all non-member posts.  Since I didn't know if 
> other OF lists were being spam-bombed, I did the same for all OF lists 
> as well.
Hi Jeff,

Disallowing non members posts to the general list is problematic, since 
as of the below MAINTAINERS entry this is where people from the kernel 
community post issues they have with the RDMA stack, and you don't 
expect everyone to subscribe the list...

white-listing member posts sounds fine, but this is a bit too much. As 
Sasha said and as was mentioned few times in the past, it seems like the 
old @openib.org aliases cause us lots of troubles, maybe we should just 
remove them.


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