[ewg] Re: [ofa-general] STOP the onslaught of EWG spam

Jeff Becker Jeffrey.C.Becker at nasa.gov
Mon Aug 25 09:02:19 PDT 2008

Tziporet Koren wrote:
> Jeff Becker wrote:
>> Hi all. I'm very sorry all the SPAM happened. Unfortunately, I left 
>> on vacation just before it started, and was away from e-mail. I just 
>> got back this afternoon.
>> A big thank you to Jeff Squyres for stepping in. I'll see about 
>> upgrading Mailman to the latest version on the current OFA server.
>> We are in the midst of transitioning to the new server (which has a 
>> much more recent version of Mailman, and will be upgraded on a timely 
>> basis). Unfortunately, I am very busy trying to get NFS-RDMA 
>> backports ready for OFED 1.4, and as I believe this is a higher 
>> priority, I don't really have much time to tend to the server 
>> switchover. If anyone would like to help, I'd greatly appreciate it. 
>> In fact, if someone else wants to replace me as admin  (I've been 
>> doing it over a year now), I wouldn't mind (although I'm perfectly 
>> happy to continue - just much busier than when I started). Please let 
>> me know. Thanks, and again, apologies for the SPAM.
> Jeff,
> Can you allow non members of the EWG list to send mails to the list now?
I changed the status of both EWG and general lists so that posts from 
non-members are held pending approval. This is to prevent another 
spam-bomb from occurring. I checked the version of Mailman available for 
the current server, and ours is up to date for our distro: Ubuntu 
Dapper. The new server has Ubuntu Hardy so a newer version of Mailman is 

> Will you participate in the EWG meeting today so we can have an update 
> on the status of this?
Sure. Talk to you soon.

> Thanks
> Tziporet

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