[ewg] OFED Jan-07, 2008 meeting summary on readiness toward RC2

Tziporet Koren tziporet at mellanox.co.il
Tue Jan 8 08:24:20 PST 2008

OFED Jan-07, 2008 meeting summary on readiness toward RC2

1. Release status:
   * In general there are no major issues - testing continue at all
   * There is a wide coverage of platform and OSes
2. Tasks that should be completed for RC2:
   *	XRC - enhanced API - will be ready by next week
   *	IPoIB performance improvements for small messages - at least
some of the changes will be integrated
   *	Open MPI 1.2.5-rc2 - will be ready by next week
   *	Qlogic new driver - done

3. Agree on new schedule for the release:
   *	RC2: Jan 15, 2008
   *	RC3: Jan 29, 2008
   *	RC4: Feb 12, 2008
   *	Release: Feb 19, 2008 

If we will see that RC3 is stable enough we will try to pull-in
And in any case we do not want to delay the release any more

4. Review critical and major bugs:
750	critical raisch at de.ibm.com	Problem with modprobe ib_ehca
with older kernel versions 
      - probably fixed
760	major	eli at mellanox.co.il	UDP performance on Rx is lower
than Tx 
      - related to IPoIB above	
761	major	eli at mellanox.co.il	Poor and jittery UDP performance
at small messages 
      - related to IPoIB above
820	major	pasha at mellanox.co.il	rpm, Binary file matches
Binary file 
      - patch was sent by OSU will be incorporated by Pasha
800	major	perkinjo at cse.ohio-state.edu	MVAPICH2 compile error
on PPC64 
      - fixed
736	major	rolandd at cisco.com	IBV_WC_RETRY_EXC_ERR errors with
local rdma_reads 
     - Need Arlin to retest with new FW
767	major	swise at opengridcomputing.com	Non backport Kernels
that don't build in genalloc compile errors for cxgb3	
     - not a major issue (will be in RN)

*Important: All people requested to review the open bugs and update


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