[ewg] Re: [ofa-general] Bonding and hw_csum

Koen Segers koen.segers at vrt.be
Thu Jan 31 04:57:42 PST 2008

On Wed, 2008-01-30 at 18:42 +0200, Tziporet Koren wrote:
> Or Gerlitz wrote:
> >
> > This is interesting report, however, since currently the hw checksum 
> > patch in not being submitted to the mainline kernel and it is also 
> > about to be removed from ofed 1.3 (Tziporet, can you update on that?), 
> > I am not going to look into that.
> >
> > Or.
> >
> the hw checksum patch was removed from OFED 1.3

I just saw some patches on the mailing list concerning csum offloading.
Are these applied in RC3? Or are they going to be introduced in the
daily build of tomorrow?

Is it correct to state that these patches replace the hw_csum parameter
by offloading the csum computation to the mthca? This would mean that
the results should be similar also.

Does the new offload patch depend on the type of hca being used?
According to lspci, we have the "InfiniBand: Mellanox Technologies
MT25208 InfiniHost III Ex (rev a0)" card. Do these patches work on a
sles 10 sp1 installed on x3755 and x3655 machines of IBM that have this
card inserted?

Is bonding going to work with this type of offloading?

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