[ewg] Re: non SRQ patch for OFED 1.3

Shirley Ma mashirle at us.ibm.com
Wed Jan 30 21:58:04 PST 2008

> Pradeep,
> We tries to apply this patch for OFED 1.3 and its breaks some of the 
> backports.
> Please use the makedist script on the ofa server (there is an 
> explanation in the developers Wiki) and fix this so we can try to apply it
> Vlad will help you later today too
> Thanks,
> Tziporet

Thanks Tziporet/Vlad for helping this into OFED-1.3. Sean suggested to
compare noSRQ and SRQ performance in a smaller cluster environment long
time ago. That's an interesting suggestion. We are planning to compare
it in OFED-1.3.


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