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Opportunity From LUGANO       
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         Hello!      Are you looking for an interesting job? Do you want to build perfect career      with world leading team? Do you have a few available hours a day? Do you      want to try part-time position from world leading tour operator? Bingo!
              We      are glad to say that we are hiring. At this time we have various job      openings for US citizens only. You do not need to have any tourism      education and experiences, you do not need to relocate, you      do not need to invest anything and we will cover all possible charges      and fees. All you have to do at this time is just to read requirements and      send us your CV or RESUME or just a few words about yourself for      qualification. Our HR department will inform you with results very soon.
                      Strong      computer skills (MS Office(MS Word 97/2003/2007)            Any POP3 Mail Client)            Good      communication skills (Verbal and Written)            Mobile      phone (Just for Urgent Calls)            High      School, College, University (Any Education)            Must      Love People                      Send      your resume/cv/profile to this address only: patrick.douson at gmail.com
          Best      Places
          Best      Guides
      SALARY:    $3,500.00/month + %
     JOB TYPE:    Part-Time/Employee
     PLACE OF WORK:    Virtual Office
      ÷¿ Copyright    2004-2008 | Lugano Turismo
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