[ewg] RE: OFED Jan 5, 2009 meeting minutes on OFED plans

Doug Ledford dledford at redhat.com
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On Tue, 2009-01-06 at 14:00 -0800, Ryan, Jim wrote:
> Sean, I think that's a good point. What it suggests to me is asking when someone proposes a "non-standard" feature, what process, procedures, documentation, support, etc. if any, should be made available by the entity making the proposal?
> It seems to me asking the same questions of all proposed features is fair and reasonable, and shouldn't represent an unreasonable barrier to progress.
> Thoughts? If this already exists, it's my ignorance and I will apologize in advance
> Thanks again, Jim 
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> >* Mellanox suggested to add IB over Eth - this is similar to iWARP but
> >more like IB (e.g. including UD), and can work over ConnectX.
> >A concern was raised by Intel (Dave Sommers) since it is not a standard
> >transport.
> >Decision: This request will be raised in the MWG, and they should decide
> >if OFA can support it.
> Just is just my opinion, but in the past, OFED has included non-standard
> features, like extended connected mode, that are still not part of the IBTA
> spec.
> Do we know if such a feature would be accepted into the Linux kernel?  I think
> OFED should base their decision more on the answer to that question than IBTA
> approval.

FWIW, this is the question I ask before accepting OFED kernel patches
into our kernel.  With the exception of SDP (which was intentionally
allowed) and qlgc_vnic (which was unintentionally allowed), if it's not
either in the upstream linux kernel, or slated for inclusion, then I
don't include it in our kernel.  Hence why xrc and rds support still
isn't in our products.

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