***SPAM*** Re: [ewg] OFED (EWG) meeting agenda for tomorrow (Jan 26)

Olga Shern (Voltaire) olga.shern at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 05:17:28 PST 2009

> 3. OFED 1.5 schedule
> Betsy from Qlogic suggested to early the release.
> From the other hand Olga from Voltaire asked to stay with the July time
> frame.
> Based on the decisions in 1 & 2 we should decide on the release schedule.

We should decide whether we want to have one or two OFED releases per year.
If we will decide that we should go for one OFED release per year, I
think we should postpone OFED 1.5 release to October.
And have dot release in a middle.

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