[ewg] [PATCH] pkey fix for ipoib - resubmission

Todd Rimmer todd.rimmer at qlogic.com
Fri Jun 18 10:56:56 PDT 2010

Jason wrote:
> You cannot easily change the broadcast GID after starting. It gets
> into places, and this patch does not address that. I suspect that
> un-doing all the places the GID gets into is fairly hard..

We have successfully tested this patch by bouncing the SM with a new partition table config and IPoIB successfully moved to the new Pkey and continued working.  Within IPoIB this code was the only remaining place which incorrectly used the stale Pkey which the hardware initialized to prior to the SM programming the PKey table.

In any case, that particular requirement is less important than the ability for a server to boot to the correct pkey once at boot time, without needing specific configuration files created on the server which match the SM's configuration.

This patch clear addresses the more important requirement and has been observed in our test team to successfully handle the Partition table change case as well.

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