[ewg] EWG/OFED meeting agenda for today (Mar 8)

Tziporet Koren tziporet at mellanox.co.il
Mon Mar 8 08:14:58 PST 2010

Agenda for EWG meeting today:

1. OFED 1.5.1 testing status - all
Status: RC3 was done last week on Mar 5.

1964  blo  	swise at opengridcomputing.com  	cxgb3 fails openmpi branding
1959 	cri 	tom at opengridcomputing.com 	[OFED-1.5.1 -NFSoverRDMA] - NFSoverRDMA client hits kerne...
1961 	cri 	tom at opengridcomputing.com 	[OFED-1.5.1- NFSoverRDMA] - System hits kernel panic whil...
1890 	maj 	john.russo at qlogic.com 		Applications built for OFED 1.4.2 or earlier will not run...
1884 	maj 	swise at opengridcomputing.com 	[OFED-1.5]: Unable to ping between S310-BT card if they a...
1789 	maj 	tom at opengridcomputing.com 	OFED-1.5 kernel panic observed while running iozone & con...
1919 	maj 	tom at opengridcomputing.com 	Connection Up-Down during data transfer
1965 	maj 	yevgenyp at mellanox.co.il 	Bonding mlx4_en: ping does not resume after failover betw...

Release schedule proposal:
- RC4 - Mar 11, 2010
- GA  - Mar 15, 2010

2. Request for producing OFED Binaries for end users - Rupert Dance

3. OFED plans:
My proposal:

Plan for 1.5.2 on end of Q2
- Add new OSes (RHEL 5.5, SLES11 SP1, kernel.org 2.6.33 & 34)
- Critical bug fixes

Delay OFED 1.6 to Jan 2011
Features for OFED 1.6:
- kernel base 2.6.35 or 36
- SRIOV support (for KVM virtualization)
- Mellanox Vnic for BridgeX
- New HW from vendors (if any)
- New scalability features (if any)
- Soft-RoCEE
- 3d torus support by OpenSM
- New management features
- More features - lets discuss in the meeting today and in Sonoma


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