[ewg] How to monitor traffic with IBoE/RoCEE?

Woodruff, Robert J robert.j.woodruff at intel.com
Fri Mar 26 10:29:00 PDT 2010

Pradeep wrote,

>With IBoE/RoCEE, the traditional SM in IB clusters is not needed. Most of the current
>IB tools rely on the SM and PM to get packet and error statistics and so on. These 
>won't be applicable with IBoE/RoCEE. netstat will have no value since the kernel 
>has been bypassed. So, how does one monitor traffic in such a cluster?

Some managed Ethernet switches have the ability to log into them and get information
on packets transmited/received on each port and errors that are detected. However,
these are typically proprietary. I am not sure about the Mellanox card. 

So I guess the answer is that you manage RoCCE and iWarp clusters just like
you would any Ethernet cluster, with existing management tools that are available
for managing Ethernet.


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