[ewg] Where is the latest GIT for opensm?

Jeff Becker Jeffrey.C.Becker at nasa.gov
Thu Oct 7 08:47:18 PDT 2010

 Hi Jason.

On 10/06/10 19:33, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> Hey Sasha,
> Can you tell me where the latest git repository for OpenSM is these
> days? There doesn't seem to be anything recent on the OFA server,
> ie
> git://git.openfabrics.org/~sashak/management.git
> Is quite old.

Yes. The problem is that most of the developers have not yet moved to
the new server. For your example, I had to do:

git clone git://

to get the up to date repo. on the old server.

It would be great if developers could move their git repo's to the new
server so OFA can stop using (and paying) for the old server. Vlad sent
out a note about this earlier.


> Thanks,
> Jason

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