[ewg] EWG meeting minutes for Oct 25, 2010

Tziporet Koren tziporet at mellanox.co.il
Mon Oct 25 09:34:54 PDT 2010

Release decisions:

1. OFED 1.5.3 - most people wish to have it mainly due to RHEL6 coming soon
   Should include only bug fixes + RHEL 6 support.
   First RC - a week after RHEL6 is out

2. OFED 1.6 - kernel base and schedule
   Kernel base - 2.7.37 
   Stop support RHEL4
   Take MPI packages out of OFED package
   What are other features people wish to have in 1.6?
   Tentative schedule - April 2011

3. Interop issue: 
   OpenMPI try to use Qlogic psm library on Mellanox cards does not work - decided to document it
   Perf-test issue with older Mellanox cards - already fixed


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