[ewg] [PATCH] OpenSM Release Notes update

Sasha Khapyorsky sashak at voltaire.com
Sat Sep 18 03:08:31 PDT 2010

OpenSM Release Notes update.

Signed-off-by: Sasha Khapyorsky <sashak at voltaire.com>

On 10:35 Tue 14 Sep     , Vladimir Sokolovsky wrote:
> Please update release notes and other relevant documentation for the packages that you own.
> URL: git://git.openfabrics.org/~tziporet/docs.git
> Branch: ofed_1_5

 opensm_release_notes.txt |   81 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
 1 files changed, 79 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/opensm_release_notes.txt b/opensm_release_notes.txt
index 9b5de67..bb7c589 100644
--- a/opensm_release_notes.txt
+++ b/opensm_release_notes.txt
@@ -3,14 +3,14 @@
 Version: OpenSM 3.3.x
 Repo:    git://git.openfabrics.org/~sashak/management.git
-Date:    Dec 2009
+Date:    Sep 2010
 1 Overview
 This document describes the contents of the OpenSM 3.3 release.
 OpenSM is an InfiniBand compliant Subnet Manager and Administration,
 and runs on top of OpenIB. The OpenSM version for this release
-is opensm-3.3.5.
+is opensm-3.3.7.
 This document includes the following sections:
 1 This Overview section (describing new features and software
@@ -127,6 +127,13 @@ f02f40e opensm: implement 'connect_roots' option in fat-tree routing
 748d41e opensm SA DB dump/restore: added option to dump SA DB on every sweep
 b03a95e complib/cl_fleximap: add cl_fmap_match() function
 b7a8a87 opensm/include/iba/ib_types.h: adding Congestion Control definitions
+fa356f8 opensm: Add support for optimized SLtoVLMappingTable programming
+8aaae91 Dimension port order file support
+7662eec opensm: Add option to specify prefix to syslog messages
+2382cf3 opensm: Add update_desc command to opensm console
+7cbe193 opensm: toggle sweeping V3
+6f61d8f opensm/osmeventplugin: added new events to monitor SM
+84cf603 opensm/main.c: force stdout to be line-buffered
 1.3 Library API Changes
@@ -247,6 +254,11 @@ fa90512 opensm/osm_vendor_*_sa: fix incompatibility with QLogic SM
 55f9772 opensm: Return single PathRecord for SubnAdmGet with DGID/SGID wild
 5ec0b5f opensm: compress IPV6 SNM groups to use a single MLID
+26e7e83 opensm/osm_lid_mgr: fix couple of duplicate LIDs bugs
+fedc419 opensm: Multicast root switch calculation
+6772fdb opensm: Fix sl2vl configuration
+dd3470f complib/cl_timer.c: fixing cl_timer calculation
+ae1bcdd opensm/osm_lid_mgr.c: Allow switch lids to be non LMC aligned
 4.2 Other Bug Fixes
@@ -507,6 +519,70 @@ c6b4d4a opensm/osm_vendor_ibumad.c: Add transaction ID to osm_vendor_send
 520af84 opensm/osm_sa_path_record.c: don't set dgid pointer for local subnet
 4a878fb opensm/osm_mcast_mgr.c: fix osm_mcast_mgr_compute_max_hops for
 	managed switch
+7c48590 opensm/osm_log.c: add OSM_LOG_SYS to default flags
+89f7cb6 opensm/osm_lid_mgr: use 'first_time_master_sweep' flag
+0cb7fab opensm: conversion to osm_get_port_by_lid()
+9d14fc0 opensm/osm_lid_mgr.c: fix memory leak
+c364aa1 opensm/opensm.init.in: fix install warning on SLES11
+1010c9c opensm/osm_sa_path_record.c: livelock in pr_rcv_get_path_parms
+4b2cd5e opensm/vendor: fix portguids array size
+52bf5b2 opensm/osm_subnet.c: fixing some options to not "hot-swappable"
+8900da0 opensm/osm_subnet.{c,h}: passing options to the event plugins
+051c57f Delete port only after GID OUT trap was sent
+d4ebf7e opensm/complib/cl_passivelock.h: remove unneeded casting
+8fdb17c opensm/complib/cl_types.h: convert cl_status_t to int
+fd7fb1e opensm/osm_mcast_mgr.c: preserve root switch calculation functionality
+fcb0f3a opensm/osm_mcast_mgr.c: code simplifications
+444f559 opensm/osm_mcast_mgr.c: fix bug in MC root switch calculation
+041ebcb opensm/osm_mcast_mgr.c: remove redundant casting
+3717f53 opensm/osm_sa_pkey_record.c: optimize port selection logic
+48352be opensm/osm_mcast_mgr.c: fix memory leak
+f3cf83f opensm/complib/cl_ptr_vector.c: fix bug/compiler warning
+27c8ebd opensm/osm_subnet.h: remove redundant function definition
+f296938 opensm/osm_vl_arb_rcv.c: fix double mutex release bug
+00bc48e opensm/osm_port_info_rcv.c: fix compilation warning
+8823800 opensm/osm_sa.{c,h}: osm_sa_db_file_dump() return values
+f4581f3 opensm/osm_qos.c: Fix typo in OSM_LOG message
+e3c790a opensm/osm_update_node_desc(): minor prototype improvement
+3cc68cb opensm/osm_vl_arb_rcv.c: Dump table after validating block number
+7dbb96e opensm SA DB: dump only if modified
+fa2106d opensm/osm_sa_infrominfo.c: fixes and simplifications in lid range check
+051a1dd opensm/osm_qos.c: split switch external and end ports setup
+a6c0189 opensm/osm_qos.c: merge SL2VL mapping capability check
+3fe8efe opensm/osm_slvl_map_rcv.c: verify port number values received from
+	network
+88c372c opensm/osm_slvl_map_rcv.c: fix mutex double release bug
+d282093 opensm/osm_slvl_map_rcv.c: fix port parsing on BE machine
+8e9dbd3 osm_sa_path_record.c: use PR DGID by reference
+7c9d375 osm_sa_path_record.c: separate mutlicast processing code
+cb2d18e opensm/osm_sa_path_record.c: MGID must be specified explicitly
+bd3932b opensm/osm_mcast_mgr.c: strip log-only variable
+9d93de3 opensm/osm_pkey_mgr.c: Eliminate unneeded parameter from pkey_mgr_get_physp_max_blocks API
+5f49472 opensm/include/osm_helper.h: Eliminate some duplicate declarations
+e8ddcd4 opensm/osm_opensm.c: no report when SM is exiting
+77ce7c8 complib/cl_timer: remove not needed timeval initializations
+490aae2 opensm/osm_helper.c: Add some missing message names to disp_msg_str
+d678a21 opensm: Modify OSM_LOG_SYS messages
+4cfb481 opensm: Fix wrong messages in MC delete flow
+5b82f92 opensm/osm_req.c: In osm_send_trap144, eliminate redundant clear of m_key in smp
+9bf64dc opensm/osm_qos.c: Eliminate unneeded endport SL to VL setup
+34b536c opensm/osm_sa_path_record.c: adding wrapper for pr_rcv_get_path_parms()
+237b5d1 opensm/osm_mcast_mgr.c: Only route MLIDs with more than 1 member
+a72db14 opensm/osm_trap_rcv.c: No need for heavy sweep when just NodeDescription changes
+ea9a768 opensm/osmtest.c: fix bug in getting attr offset
+a3dec3a iba/ib_types.h: remove assertion in ib_get_attr_offset()
+6bc032a return no path when path does not exist
+1592ae9 opensm: Better handling of non responsive SMAs
+a69f01b opensm/osm_perfmgr.c: Remove unnecessary lock reference from Performance Manager object
+167ade2 opensm: fixing compilation issues in some header files
+e1c253e opensm/qos.c: Revert port ranges for calls to sl2vl_update_table().
+0689f49 opensm/libvendor Reduce stack consumption
+59056c7 opensm - address windows env issues
+ff14200 opensm/osm_sa_multipath_record.c: livelock in mpr_rcv_get_path_parms
+3f23d83 opensm/osm_sa_path_record.c: Add error code to newly added log message
+7fc6cd3 ib_types.h add debug assert
+4fd4ca3 osmtest - use helper function
+6fdc20a opensm/complib use portable macro syntax
 * Other less critical or visible bugs were also fixed.
@@ -686,6 +762,7 @@ Table 2 - Qualified IB Stacks
 Stack                                    | Version
 The main stream Linux kernel             |   2.6.x
+OFED                                     |   1.5,1.5.x
 OFED                                     |   1.4
 OFED                                     |   1.3
 OFED                                     |   1.2

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