[ewg] EWG/OFED agenda for today - Oct 30, 2012

Tziporet Koren tziporet at mellanox.com
Tue Oct 30 08:59:23 PDT 2012

1. OFED 3.5:
a. Chelsio requested to delay the release till they close all critical issues (see another mail from Steve)
b. Chelsio request to ship FW with OFED-3.5 - decide if this is OK with EWG.
c. When to build RC3?
    If this supposed to be latest RC we must wait for Chelsio fixes.

Bugs status:

ID	Sev	Pri	OS	Assignee	Status	Resolution	Summary
2388	blo	P5	All	tatyana.e.nikolova	NEW		Failing interoperability tests between nes and cxgb4 iWarp drivers
2380	blo	P1	SLES	swise	NEW		Kernel panic observed on client side while running iozone using NFSoRDMA on multiple shares.
2397	cri	P5	Othe	swise	NEW		Kernel panic observed on server side while running mbw bi-di write test.
2395	cri	P5	Othe	vu	NEW		Kernel crash using SRP extended sg descriptors, increased max_sectors_kb, when running direct IO.
2369	cri	P1	Othe	swise	NEW		[OFED-3.5] Trace observed in dmesg while running IMB-MPI1 using openmpi-1.6
2370	cri	P1	Othe	swise	NEW		Unable to unload the cxgb4 module on client machine after running dapltest transaction test .
2376	cri	P1	SLES	vipul	ASSI		Soft lockup trace observed in client side while unmounting the exported NFS partition after running iozone.
2392	cri	P1	SLES	vipul	ASSI		[OFED-3.5] Unable to get UP event from the LLD if firmware configuration file gets loaded
2385	maj	P5	Othe	vlad	NEW		RHEL 6.3 + linux kernel 3.5.* won't build 3.5-rc2
2389	maj	P5	Othe	vlad	NEW		OFED 3.5-rc2 won't build on 2.6.32-220.4.2.el6.x86_64
2371	maj	P2	Othe	vipul	ASSI		Asynchronous Event ERR 2 observed while running dapl Transaction test on 4 ports.
2377	maj	P2	Othe	vipul	ASSI		NFSoRDMA traffic stalls while running IMB-MPI1 on OpenMPI-1.4.5 & iozone together.
2381	maj	P2	Othe	vipul	ASSI		" mount.nfs reports Cannot allocate memory " if more than 15 NFS shares are mounted using server side ip aliases.

2. Open discussion - all


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