[ewg] ibv_devinfo: No IB devices found for qib?

Rupert Dance rsdance at soft-forge.com
Thu Aug 1 13:06:57 PDT 2013

Hello Mei,


Unfortunately OFED 3.5 does not support Ubuntu at this point. Please see the
release notes attached for a list of supported OSs. I have also "cc" the OFA
User list because there are some members who have worked with Ubuntu and
have provided support for InfiniBand using different versions of OFED. I
believe we will see some response.






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I have installed OFED-3.5 on Ubuntu 12.04 with an Intel HCA QLE7340. I
intended to use qperf to measure RDMA performance, but encounter problems.
So I am checking what could be missing.


When $ ibv_devinfo

libibverbs: Warning: no userspace device-specific driver found for

No IB devices found


What device that ibv_devinfo is looking for?  


The device driver ib-qib is up.

$ibstat: seems OK

CA 'qib0'

                CA type: InfiniPath_QLE7340

                Number of ports: 1

                Firmware version: 

                Hardware version: 2

                Node GUID: 0x001175000070aafe

                System image GUID: 0x001175000070aafe

                Port 1:

                                State: Active

                                Physical state: LinkUp

                                Rate: 40

                                Base lid: 1

                                LMC: 0

                                SM lid: 2

                                Capability mask: 0x07600868

                                Port GUID: 0x001175000070aafe

                                Link layer: InfiniBand


$ lsmod | grep ib

ib_uverbs              42324  0 

ib_umad                17899  0 

ib_qib                357608  0 

ib_mad                 47218  2 ib_umad,ib_qib

ib_core                78161  4 ib_uverbs,ib_umad,ib_qib,ib_mad








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