[ewg] IPv6 over Ethernet (RoCE) is broken

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Tue Aug 20 22:29:19 PDT 2013

>     I have installed the latest OFED-3.5-2 daily software on SLES 11.2 x86-64
> with Mellanox Technologies MT26428 [ConnectX VPI. PCIe 2.0 5GT/s - IB QDR /
> 10GigE].
>    When MT26428 is in IB mode, all works fine. But when it switches into the
> ethernet mode becoming a RoCE card, some error comes out. If the server
> application program uses rdma cm APIs (rdma_bind and rdma_listen) listening on
> IPv6 address like "::", it will refuse the connection launched by rdma_connect.
> The errno is set to be ECONNREFUSED. However, if server listens on IPv4 address
> like "" or "0", the connection is successful.
>    I've found some patch:
>    http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.linux.drivers.rdma/16448
>    But I'm not sure whether it's relevant to the issue I experienced above.
> Has any one seen this bug ?

I don't recall that patch series touching anything outside of iwarp, so it shouldn't be relevant.  Do you know if this worked in the previous version of OFED?

I recall some patches on the mail list regarding how RoCE formed GIDs.  I don't know if those were pulled into 3.5-2 or not.

- Seans

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