[ewg] OFA EWG Meeting: Monday July 31, 2017 Minutes

Amrani, Ram Ram.Amrani at cavium.com
Tue Aug 1 22:41:24 PDT 2017

I remember we discussed about rdma-core 15 being part of OFED-4.8-1. So is it rdma-core 14 or 15?


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Attendees                          Company
Phil Cayton                         Intel
Bob Woodruff                   Intel
Pradeeep Kankipati          Broadcom
Ram Amrani                       Qlogic/Cavium
Susan Coulter                    lanl
Tatyana Nikolova             Intel

<Did I miss anyone?>

*        Opens
None this week
*        OFED 4.8-1 status:
*        Plan of Record: Cavium and Broadcom drivers, rdma-core v14, and SRP fixes - 30 day turn around if possible.
*        Vlad will start daily builds once new content is available.
*        Ram - taking latest OFED GIT repo - rebased patches.  Fixed according to Vlad's comments.  Ran a few sanity tests.  Plan on sending Cavium Qlogic patches.  Vlad will incorporate into daily builds when he receives them
*        Pradeep - will start Broadcom patches so 4.8.1 drivers can include the drivers.  Vlad will include in daily builds when he receives them.
*        User Package Update
*        rdma-core v14 - Vlad can pull in when it's available
*        Bug Report - Critical/blocking
*        2631 - An SRP Reject from an SRP target causes SL7.3/OFED crash

        *   Fails on OFED 4.8 out of the box, requires OFED+ib_srp_backports
        *   Fixed on 7.3 - needs to be verified on 7.2 once 2632 resolved.
*        2632 - SRP login failure for SL7.2 and OFED 4.8-rc4 (ib_srp:Sending CM DREQ failed)

        *   Fails on SL7.2, Works on SL7.3 and OFED-4.8
*        2633 - NFS over RDMA kernel modules are not supported in OFED 4.8
o   Jeff Becker sent update: has a backport that builds on RHEL7.3, and suspects will also build on SLES12SP2. Planning to test these soon. Intends to only support these distros for 4.8-1.  Vlad can disable support in distros where backports are not supplied (RHEL 7.2, SLES 12SP1)

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