[fsdpwg] Canceled Webex meeting: FSDP Working Group Meeting

Doug Ledford dledford at redhat.com
Tue Oct 6 08:35:30 PDT 2020

Canceling today's FSDP WG meeting due to conflict with my almost 5 year old's mandatory wellness checkup before he can be readmitted to daycare.

The first bit of hardware ordered for the cluster should be arriving this week.  We should be able to start building up the build machine.

For build purposes, I've create the fsdp_build repo.  The intent was to have one branch per build environment, versus multiple repos for different build environments.  This repo is as of yet unpopulated since the container definitions need to be created from scratch.

I've also created the fsdp_setup repo.  This is intended for post-install setup scripts used to get the client machines ready for testing.  There is a large body of scripts already existing for this repo internally at Red Hat, but they need sanitized and modernized and refactored as they are moved over to this repo.  I expect to be able to start putting files in place this week.

Some of you might have noticed that Intel has spun OPA out to a new company: Cornelis Networks.  I'm talking with them now about participating in the FSDP.

That's the major updates I have this week.  Don't forget, next week this timeslot will be used for the Webinar presentation about the FSDP.  Feel free to invite friends and family ;-).  But because of that, our next meeting will be in two weeks.  Thanks!

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