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Greg Eisenhauer
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On Mar 18, 2016, at 7:20 PM, Sung-Eun Choi <sungeun at cray.com<mailto:sungeun at cray.com>> wrote:

Hi Greg,

Thanks for you mail.  The launching mechanism used on Cori and other
XCs is not compatible with the way most of the fabtests need to be
started.  That said, we're working on getting the gni provider working
in Cray Cluster Mode, which should make it easier to run the fabtests
(hopefully almost a no op).
While we're on the topic, how could we have saved you the trouble of
trying all this stuff?  Documentation in the man page?  Info on our
wiki?  Something else?

Hi Sung,
Well, I think it was more the case that I was familiar with libfabric on sockets and verbs, so I knew where the tests were and how to run them.  I had also used them as example code for applications, so the making sure that the tests worked seemed like a basic first step. I expected them to work in an interactive job on the compute nodes and didn’t find any documentation or notes that contradicted that belief. I had found the tests in the gni provider directory, but assumed that those were just additional tests.  It might be good to add a note in a README or something in fabtests that is somewhat easier for people to find to let them know what to expect.  (That fabtests says NOTRUN instead of failed is a bit of a clue, but that all the tests end up doing that without explanation isn’t so helpful.)


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