[libfabric-users] rdma fail with verbs

Biddiscombe, John A. biddisco at cscs.ch
Fri Mar 3 14:26:07 PST 2017

I’m still having trouble with rdma read. I’m using (for now) endpoint type MSG on verbs provider and I found that calling fi_read(….) returns

00: <ERROR> 0x00002aaab5626f20 0x2aaab5200700 fi_read error : Function not implemented

I have tried everything I can to adjust params/caps/hints/flags, but it seems that the verbs provider doesn’t support rdma.

I considered using endpoint type RDM, but unfortunately, RDM is not supported by verbs either, and ep MSG not working any more with GNI (I only get “connection rejected” messages when I try it), so the two providers I’m targeting are mutually incompatible – this is making development decisions difficult.

I’ve been going through the fabtests looking for one that will do RDMA and works, but using the verbs provider always fails

~/apps/fabtests/bin/fi_rma_bw -e msg -p verbs greina8
fi_getinfo(): common/shared.c:521, ret=-61 (No data available)
~/apps/fabtests/bin/fi_rma_bw -e rdm -d mlx5_0
fi_getinfo(): common/shared.c:521, ret=-61 (No data available)

only results in error.

Is there a test that does rdma and is known to work with verbs?


I updated both fabtests and libfabric from git master today or yesterday. (I’m sure endpoint MSG type was working on GNI previously, but it isn’t working for me now, should I go back to a fixed release sha in git?)

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