[nvmewin] binary for the pending release

Chang, Alex Alex.Chang at idt.com
Thu Apr 26 16:45:52 PDT 2012

Hi Paul,

I had fixed a race condition issue when using INTx interrupt and several errors found in nvme.h and nvmereg.h. I wonder if it's okay to add the changes to your patch. Please let me know.


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pw is intel123.  A few quick notes:

-         Both x86/64 fre and chk builds are included here

-         Source patch for these will be applied shortly

-         3 addt'l changes since our review

o   Our ID ctrl stuct was missing 2 fields, IEEE and MAC

o   The struct for the COAL feature cmd had two fields in the wrong order

o   There was a typo in the INF for the x86 catalog file addition

-         I've run tests on the 64 bit versions so far, will look at 32 bit soon.

-         The attached are signed for the convenience of testing on the 64 bit.  I actually don't have an issue posting these with my signature, again, for convenience only.  Any issues with that from everyone?

Also, we'll be covering the attached 2 slides at the NVME meeting this week, please review real quick and send any feedback by EOD


Paul Luse
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PCG Server Software Engineering
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