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Both patches are now in and the Intel testing is done (as part of testing the last patch submission).  The details of our last testing were provided previously but as a refresher:

Tested (2008-R2 with Chatham and Win7-64 with QEMU, with and without driver verifier):
-         Sdstress
-         SCSI compliance (write 10 fails, not clear why as trace shows no issue.  Fails with baseline code also, note related to these changes)
-         BusTRACE scsi compliance
-         BusTRACE data integrity
-         Iometer all access specs, Q depth 32 8 workers

And since I have done some basic testing with Server8 8220 as well.  Would like at a minimum to have LSI and IDT chime in with favorable testing on the latest plus, of course, any additional input either way from anyone.  Once we have those inputs we'll do a build and post it.

Alex had asked about signing the driver, at this point in time I think our best plan is to not sign the driver and basically provide the binary as a testing vehicle (and to help IHVs who may have issues testing from a driver they built, they can test with our binary as well).  IHV's will need to build and sign the driver for their product.  Let me know if anyone has any issues with that.

I don't plan to call a meeting to bless this release but will set one up for later in Mar to discuss plans for our next release (what, when, why).


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I believe we agreed on 2 patches prior to first release.

1)      Alex's Format PT IOCTL:  I understand the review went well so suspect as soon as Rick & Ray take a look at the final patch that will go in

2)      My performance & stability patch:  I'll rebase and re-test once Alex's goes in and then send out for eview

Once mine goes in, wanted to level set real quick that we would have at least(more are welcome) IDT, LSI and Intel run the following in their environments and/or on QEMU:

-         Iometer script

-         BusTRACE SCSI check and busTRACE data integrity (for those who have it)

-         Msft SCSI compliance

-         Msft sdstress

All of these will be run in the same manner as we ran them before and we'll document what that means for everyone else before the release and post notes with the release.  I don't want to post the tools though, folks can grab those on their own if they'd like.

I suspect this will put our first release in mid to late Mar.  I'll probably schedule a short call around then so we can all confirm that we're ready and review what it is that we're posting for our very first binary release


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