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Hi Kwok-

To be clear, I'm just talking about having the driver logical map (the lun extension array) support the ability to tolerate create and delete, I'm not going to propose the actual create and delete functions themselves as those are out of scope of the spec.  Given that, I'll send the patch out w/the changes included and if anyone is uncomfortable with them I can remove them fairly easily.  I know this isn't what you're asking for but with limited time and the changes not being very extensive I'd like to proceed this way.  Again, I'll pull them if the group doesn't like what they see but I'm nearly done right now as it is J


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The ability to handle NS creations and deletions is a new feature to the driver.  I would like to separate this features from the rest of the patch.  Would you please send out your write up on how you want to handle the NS creation and deletion such that we can review it first before you send out the patch?

It is a good idea to support the NS creation and deletion but we should review your proposal first before the patch.


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Wanted to provide a quick update:  I'm nearly ready with the latest patch and due to timing its going to include another key feature - the ability to handle NS creations and deletions.  The mechanism by which a NS comes and goes is beyond the scope of the spec so I won't be including the details of what we're doing at Intel to implement that however the driver framework to handle a dynamic set of NS's is independent of that mechanism and there's no reason not to push that to the community so we can all use it.  It consists of modifications to the LunExt array and the associated counters and components that read/write/use it.  Details will be in the right up when I send it out.  I have some travel this week so once again I'll target later in the week for sending it.  Following its publication some changes will be needed (or should be done I should say) for the format PT IOCTL to take advantage of the new capabilities but rather than bundle even more into this patch I'll hold off on that for another time....


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