[nvmewin] a few defects...

Luse, Paul E paul.e.luse at intel.com
Mon Jun 18 12:05:19 PDT 2012

Just an FYI in case anyone is running into these.  We have fixes for them and will work on getting a patch in either this week or next (want to wait til Ray is able to get the last one applied following the server change).

- report luns still had an issue in the format of the response data, the actual LUN # was 1 byte off so if you really had multiple LUNS, storport wouldn't scan them

- the NVME_CC_IOSQES and CQ definitions in nvmereg.h were wrong (should be 6 and 4 respectively)

- double buffering code needed a few tweaks if anyone tried to enable that they would have found out (tweaks based on changes made since it was originally coded)

- small bug in get/set features portion of init state machine where we don't do both set & get on all LUNs

Paul Luse
Sr. Staff Engineer
PCG Server Software Engineering
Desk: 480.554.3688, Mobile: 480.334.4630

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